Where to Buy Summer Shoes with Arch Support

The importance of healthy arch support cannot be understated. With every stride your arches are put under a tremendous amount of stress and pressure, so it’s important to take care of them the best you can. Not only do shoes with appropriate arch support provide amazing comfort, they’re also vital in helping to prevent or treat musculoskeletal problems and foot pain.

It’s important to know what you’re looking for when buying a shoe with arch support. Look for shoes that have a noticeable raise where your arch should lie, when you try them on you should feel an immediate sense of relief and support.

Don’t be afraid to try shoes that may have a slight heel, elevation is important in correcting alignment and maintaining foot health.

Finally, cushioning! Find a shoe that you can feel your feet sinking into, that makes you feel supported and confident in wearing all day without worrying about discomfort.

Now for our top picks!

Silver Lining - Destiny


Arch support sandal with blue and tan straps.

After a sandal that doesn’t compromise on comfort? Look no further than Destiny, a casual summer flat perfect for warm weekends. Destiny is the perfect choice for those wearers needing a shoe for arch support that is also suitable for a summer wardrobe.

With a raised anatomic cork footbed, this sandal reduces foot fatigue and helps to maintain natural alignment.

Featuring Silver Lining STRATIFORM technology, the innersole has a memory foam cushioning system, moulding to your unique foot shape as you walk.

Including a slight raised heel, Destiny helps to correct your balance while adding a touch of femininity to your outfit.

Available in a range of colours, you can style Destiny with a dress, pants or shorts for a breezy effortless style.

Shop Destiny

Blaire - Vionic 

On Sale for $169.00

RRP: 259.95

Grey suede vionic sandal with arch support

After a heel that doesn’t give you those tired ‘end of day’ feet? Blaire is the perfect special occasion shoe for you this season.

Incorporating a raised insole for arch support, Blaire provides a cushioned base for your foot which helps to reduce foot fatigue, provide stability and essential support during movement. 

Featuring a deep heel cup, Blaire stabilises your foot by aligning your feet with your ankles, knees and hips. This helps to reduce pain from your feet to your back, so you can dance the night away in comfort and style. 

Made with luxurious suede uppers that are soft against your instep, Blaire reduces blistering from uncomfortable rubbing, truly providing you with all day comfort. 

Suitable from the office to weekend get togethers, Blaire will keep you in sophisticated comfort from dawn till dusk.

Shop Blaire

Arcopedico - Leina B White Sole


Silver Arcopedico mary-jane with arch support

Step into stylish comfort with Leina by Arcopedico, a gorgeous Mary-Jane that is perfect for everyday wearing.

With an ergonomic sole consisting of ultra-light polyutherane, Leina B is built with tiny air bubbles that provide unbeatable shock absorption, helping to protect your joints from impact and reduce foot fatigue.

Arcopedico’s Twin Arch Support System provides exceptional support to the entire base of the foot. This helps to correct spinal positioning that can improve your posture, and reduce foot fatigue and back pain. 

Designed to be easy to slip on-and-off, Leina B is built for women who need support when they're on the go.

Available in a stunning silver and white floral print, Leina B can be styled with pants or a dress for a vibrant pain-free addition to your summer wardrobe.

Shop Leina B White Sole

Silver Lining - H2O

On Sale for $19.00

RRP: $39.95

Two lightweight black thong sandals with arch support against a neutral background

For a supportive summer shoe that won't break the bank, you can't look past the H2O sandal by Silver Lining. A lightweight thong-style shoe featuring super cushioned raised arch support, H2O is the perfect shoe to throw on when you're enjoying the summer sun. 

Crafted from ultra-light rubber with added metatarsal support, H2O aids in reducing foot fatigue, helping to minimise those tired end-of-day feet. 

Including tread along the outer sole, H2O provides traction across varied surfaces, perfect for chasing the kids around the beach and pool. 

Style H2O with a summer dress, shorts or even a sarong for a lightweight and supportive walking experience. 

Shop H2O

Gabor - 26401

On Sale for $169.00

RRP: $199.95

Metallic Gabor slip-on with arch support

Last but definitely not least, this gorgeous flat by Gabor will quickly earn its place as your favourite office-to-evening wear shoe.

Featuring a wide tapered toe that leaves plenty of room for your foot, this flat reduces cramping and uncomfortable rubbing of the forefoot.

With a cushioned raised insole this flat is perfect for reliable arch support that leaves you feeling balanced and supported throughout the day. 

The sensible raised wedge helps in correcting alignment, posture and preventing foot fatigue.

Available in a sparkling metallic and gorgeous navy, this super versatile flat can be styled with corporate attire, or an evening dress for a look of sophisticated comfort.

Shop 26401

Are you ready to feel confident and supported this season? Shop our huge range of summer shoes with arch support or visit your nearest store to find your perfect pair today. 



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